National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation - NNOCCI

NNOCCI is a network of individuals and organizations in informal education, the social sciences, and climate sciences. We are currently working in 184 institutions in 38 states. We share a commitment to using evidenced-based communications methods and providing the social and emotional support needed to engage as climate communicators. By working together we develop the knowledge, techniques, community and confidence needed to empower our audiences. And by speaking about climate change consistently across the country we are changing public discourse to be positive, civic-minded and solutions-focused.

NNOCCI colleagues continue to experiment, evaluate and share successes from their work with each other. We learn about the latest findings in climate science and oceanography and how to apply these to our own interpretive contexts at our institutions. In addition we build trust and lasting bonds among colleagues across the country who share an interest in developing effective ways to engage audiences in learning about climate and ocean change.

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NNOCCI offers resources and training to help others strengthen their voices and to increase our collective impact in promoting climate action. Please see the descriptions of our training opportunities in the training tab, use the calendar to locate current trainings in your area, and the links to our introductory resources at the bottom of this page to learn more about our research and our recommendations.

NNOCCI Leadership

NNOCCI is lead by a governing structure with an elected Board of Directors and volunteers serving on committees and teams. The Governing Council is responsible for planning and executing NNOCCI’s strategic direction and priorities, making network-wide decisions and policies on behalf of all network members, and serving as NNOCCI ambassadors to broader constituencies. They are guided by our goals to sustain, deepen and expand the network.

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