Energy Saving Checklist

This is a (simple) handout I developed to give to guests to post on their refrigerators at home. They can check off each energy saving action as they go. We currently hand it out during one of our energy saving/climate change presentations. Feel free to modify it or use it at your institution. You can go from being an energy saver, to an energy super saver, to an energy super duper saver as you check off all of the actions. The actions in orange are a little bit easy maybe less time consuming and don't cost much money whereas the action in green might take a little bit more effort and cost money. (But in the end it all saves money)

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John Anderson

Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate the model and that you are connecting ways each of us can take actions with aquarium exhibits/programs.

Can you share how visitors are responding? Are they indicating interest and/or expressions of willingness to take a next step? Are visitors engaging in conversation about how the activities relate to larger issues of climate change such as sea level rise or warming ocean temperatures? Have you had any visitor feedback that said they had taken steps toward being a "super duper saver?" Thanks!

Ashley Grenier

Many of the reactions I get are from the women of the household pointing to their husbands saying that they want to make a change but the husband is reluctant (i.e. running a full load of dishes, washing clothes in cold water, or turning the AC up). Other than that they are very positive and engaged. Signs of this are sticking around to listen to all the action items and asking questions of our "green" house that we have out for guests to see: Some times it is hard for people who live in apartments to know what steps they can take to save energy especially if they live somewhere the thermostat is already set or where they can't instal energy saving appliances, etc.

Overall I would say yes, they are showing willingness to take the next step. However, it is hard to know for sure if they will. It gets the conversation started for sure. (Gives them a good "poke in the brain")

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