A Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for World Changes & Development Design

In the ecosystemic approach, instead of trying to adapt to droughts, floods, air pollution, land degradation, deforestation and rising sea levels, that inevitably will lead to overall catastrophe, it is posited that we should deal with the present paradigms of growth, power, wealth, work and freedom embedded into the cultural, social, political and economical institutions. Instead of taking current trends for granted and project them into the future (exploratory forecast), a fundamental aspect for change is the definition of the desired goals and the exploration of new paths to reach them (normative forecast). To elicit the events, deal with the consequences and contribute for change (potential outputs), a theoretical and practical framework is posited for the transition to an ecosystemic model of culture, combining four dimensions of being in the world (intimate, interactive, social and biophysical) in view of the planning and evaluation of public policies, research and teaching programmes

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