Green Cup Challenge St Peters - Community Solutions.

Check out this web-based platform that helps citizens in the city of St. Peters, MO to turn their individual sustainability actions into collective action by joining with other users to form teams and tracking collective progress toward city-wide goals. There are great recommendations in here for specific actions to take and how, and this model of forming an online community of action could easily be applied in other cities. The Green Cup Challenge is technically the goco2free platform, a community based social marketing campaign around sustainability, using a pretty cool website developed by a non-profit in California, Community Climate Solutions(CCS). 

From the organizer:

"The real challenge has been to get people signed up and involved. This is an opportunity to educate and involve residents as well as communicate to the City what is important to residents to facilitate change to hopefully shape St. Peters, MO policies and actions to be 'greener'. A lot of really good conversations but not translating into actions or even signups.

"We're planning 'challenges' with prizes, tours of the Recycling and Compost Centers in St. Peters, classes on pollinator gardens and native plants in cooperation with a local garden club, and Eco movie nights to encourage participation and hopefully a better understanding of climate change, sustainability and resilience. And of course our Sustainability Sense Talks with local advocates and leaders."


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