The Heat is On: Two-Day Climate Communication Workshop at NAI 2021

A desert landscape at sunset, with Joshua Trees

Join the Earth to Sky Interagency Partnership at the National Association for Interpretation 2021 Annual Conference in Palm Springs, CA!

We are partnering with Joshua Tree National Park to offer a highly interactive two-day pre-conference workshop, emphasizing experiential learning in a collegial environment with peers and scientists. We’ll spend our first day at Joshua Tree NP, exploring the science of global climate change through the lens of desert ecosystems. At the park, we will observe climate impacts and engage in a discussion with interpreters and educators about effective techniques and strategies for interpreting climate change in a hopeful way, for a variety of audiences.

The following day at the NAI conference venue, dialogues on relevance and audience-centered techniques in climate change interpretation will draw on the experiences of all participants. Abundant scientific resources, including NASA data and media products, will be provided throughout. During dedicated project time, participants will develop the seed of their own climate interpretation program or product, and we’ll share these with one another at the conclusion of the workshop.

Earth to Sky course participants leave energized and connected to a larger community of interpreters, educators, and scientists dedicated to supporting each other in excellent climate change communication.

Course Details

COVID-19 Information

NAI 2021 is requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination OR a negative test. Conference organizers are following local public health guidance regarding mask guidelines for conference attendees. Large portions of this course will take place outdoors; however, some sessions will be held in meeting rooms. All indoor sessions on day one will take place in NPS facilities, where masks are required regardless of vaccination status.

The workshop is capped at 24 participants (not including organizers and presenters). Please contact the Earth to Sky team with any questions or concerns.

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