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Dr. Danielle Ignace webinar, Indigenous Voice of Climate Change
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United States
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 3:00pm EDT

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Please join this amazing webinar opportunity. Dr. Danielle Ignace of Smith College, Professor of Biological Sciences will discuss the impacts of global climate change factors on native plant communities. Cultural knowledge at the intersection of climate change.

July 29th 3pm EDT
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Dr. Danielle Ignace is a voice for Native Americans in STEM and a lifelong environmental scientist. Raised by a father from the Coeur d’Alene tribe and a mother from the Menominee tribe, Dr. Ignace found her voice to serve in leadership roles. After growing up in Milwaukee, WI, she received a BS in Zoology and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned her PhD from the University of Arizona. Dr. Ignace is an Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, the Environmental Science & Policy Program, and Climate Change Concentration at Smith College and a Research Associate at Harvard Forest. Dr. Danielle Ignace is a broadly trained plant physiologist, ecologist, and ecosystem scientist with a passion for science communication. From desert systems to temperate forests, she studies how global change (climate change, landscape disturbance, and non-native species invasions) impacts ecosystem function. She is a recipient of the Career Enhancement Fellowship for Junior Faculty from the Woodrow Wilson Foundation and recently became an Associate Editor for Elementa. Fostering unique collaborations with faculty and students to understand and communicate the world’s most pressing global change problems is the hallmark of her research, YouTube channel, podcast, and Art-Science projects. She is committed to inclusive pedagogy, course-based research experiences, and the development of computation and coding skills. Her unique perspective bridges tribal communities, people of color, and scientists and as a Native American woman, Dr. Ignace is deeply committed to serving as a role model and an advocate for students from underrepresented groups in STEM.


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