Interpretive Theme Writer's Field Guide: How to Write a Strong Theme from Big Idea to Presentation

The interpretive theme is the most important sentence an interpreter inks on paper. Despite its centrality to thematic interpretation, no single work has dedicated itself entirely to the art and craft of strong theme writing until now. The Interpretive Theme Writer's Field Guide builds on Sam Ham's 30-year thematic interpretation research legacy. While leaving theory to his books, this pocket companion offers writers strong theme examples, worksheets, exercises, inspirational quotes, and technique highlights. With contributions from Sam Ham, Ted Cable, Shelton Johnson, and Clark Hancock, this Field Guide is useful at the desk, in the exhibit hall, or on the trail. It recognizes that teams, even communities, create heritage themes, and introduces the Interpretive Framework methodology to facilitate community-based theme writing.
Published by the National Association for Interpretation, partner to the Climate Interpreter
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