Materials For Facilitating Beginner Workshops

The National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) depends on a peer-to-peer training model in which skilled climate interpreters build the capacity of newcomers. Therefore, we invite all Study Circle alumni to consider hosting or facilitating a beginner level workshop in their area.

Workshop goal:

Introduce participants to the NNOCCI community and strategic framing at a beginner level while engaging in relevant exercises.

Target audiences:

Informal science communicators, early career scientists, teachers, activists and other allied professionals.

Beginner Workshop content includes:

  • Who and what is NNOCCI?
  • Productive Messaging
  • Climate Vocabulary
  • What is Strategic Framing? / The Research Behind our Recommendations
  • Telling a Story with Values, Metaphors and Solutions
  • Putting it all Together

Duration: 4-6 hour in-person workshop

Dates: Ongoing

Who can host a workshop: Anyone

Who can facilitate a workshop: NNOCCI Study Circle Alumni

Already hosting or facilitating Beginner Workshops in your area?

Great!  To ensure consistency in training, we have updated Beginner Workshop materials for you!

How do I get started hosting/facilitating my Beginner Workshop?

  1. Access the workshop materials by clicking these links:
    1. Beginner Workshop Slide Deck
    2. Beginner Workshop Facilitator Guide
    3. Beginner Workshop Evaluation (hard copy)
    4. Beginner Workshop Evaluation (digital survey)
    5. Participant Handouts:
      1. What’s in the Swamp of Ocean and Climate Change
      2. Expanding our Repertoire
      3. Reframe Cards
      4. Crafting a Solution Story Worksheet
  2. Register your workshop:

In order for us to know the breadth of our reach, we are asking everyone hosting or facilitating a Beginner Workshop to register with the NNOCCI Training Committee. Please fill out the Beginner Workshop Registration Form.

  1. Review the facilitator guide:

The facilitator guide contains everything you need to know to be successful! The Training Committee has assembled this helpful guide to get you started, but if you need additional help, contact NNOCCI network leadership by email.

  1. Find a co-facilitator:

Although not required, co-facilitating is an important form of NNOCCI leadership and is a great way to teach climate communications. If you’d like to find a co-facilitator, feel free to post in the NNOCCI Alumni Study Circle group on Climate Interpreter or use the Members Map feature to find alumni near you. Soon users will be able to use the in-mail feature on the Climate Interpreter site to direct message other members.

  1. Conduct your Beginner Workshop:

Host your awesome four to six hour Beginner Workshop! Yes, four to six hours does seem like a long time, but it really is the minimum amount of time needed to cover all of the ninja-tastic Beginner Workshop contents.

  1. Don’t forget your evaluations:

We all know the value of evaluating our work! Use the included evaluation materials (available electronically or as a hard-copy) to assess your training and share the results with NNOCCI’s Training Committee. This is an important tool to ensure continuous improvement of NNOCCI’s offerings.

  1. Report your work on

Help us keep track on all of NNOCCI’s work by creating a work report! These reports allow us to accurately share the network’s reach and contributions with grant funders and potential partners. To complete a work report, log on to and hover over your name. Click the “Report Work” button on the menu and then click “Create New Work Report” on the following page. Fill in the worksheet with the information about your awesome Beginner Workshop.

  1. Celebrate! You are a Beginner Workshop extraordinaire!

You have helped empower a new wave of strategic framers with your NNOCCI skills. You are awesome!

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Rhana Paris

I'm "not allowed" to upgrade to a larger dropbox (state agency) and my current box is full---anyway I can get the info another way?

Sarah-Mae Nelson, MS, CIG/CIT

I will email you the materials Rhana, if no one else has yet.

Sarah-Mae Nelson, MS, CIG/CIT

The Beginner Workshop Facilitator Guide link does not work.

Steph Kappel

Hi Sarah-Mae -
The link for the facilitator guide seems to be working now. Are you finding the same to be true?


Steph Kappel

Rhana -
Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss different ways to give people access to the materials. Dropbox is a great tool, until the Dropbox is full. We'll keep you posted!

Sarah-Mae -
Thank you for letting us know that the Facilitator Guide link doesn't work. We are working on this issue, and will let you know when it's fixed!

Sarah-Mae Nelson, MS, CIG/CIT

It’s working now. Thx!

Sarah Waters

I just uploaded a copy.

Laura Drath

Can we access the slide deck anywhere other than Dropbox? I'm also unable to access it.

Allison Arteaga

Hey folks, I'm checking in with our NNOCCI training committee on this. Thanks!

Kendyll Collins

I love the Connect It activity...can I ask a dumb question..are the CO2 molecules drawn correctly or should O be equally on both sides bound by covalent bonds? Thanks for your help!

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