New book: Teaching Climate Change in the United States

We are delighted to announce the publication of Teaching Climate Change in the United States as part of Routledge's Advances in Climate Change Research series:

This book highlights best practices in climate change education through the analysis of a rich collection of case studies that showcase educational programs across the United States.

Framed against the political backdrop of a country in which climate change denial presents a significant threat to global action for mitigation and adaptation, each case study examines the various strategies employed by those working in this increasingly challenging sociopolitical environment. Via co-authored chapters written by educational researchers and climate change education practitioners in conversation with one another, a wide range of education programs is represented. These range from traditional institutions such as K-12 schools and universities to the contemporary learning environments of museums and environmental education centres. The role of mass media and community-level educational initiatives is also examined. The authors cover a multitude of topics, including the challenge of multi-stakeholder projects, tensions between indigenous knowledge and scientific research, education for youth activism, and professional learning.

By telling stories of success and failure from the field, this book provides climate change researchers and educators with tools to help them navigate increasingly rough and rising waters.

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The table of contents is copied in the below. 

Joe (on behalf of my co-editor Andrea Drewes and the rest of our co-authors)

Joseph A. Henderson, PhD
Environment & Society Department
Paul Smith’s College
Table of Contents

1. Teaching Climate Change in the United States
Joseph A. Henderson and Andrea Drewes

2. Empowering Children to Change Hearts and Minds on Climate Change Against All Odds
Kathryn T. Stevenson, Danielle F. Lawson, M. Nils Peterson, and Starr Binner

3. Fostering Climate Literacy with Global Climate Models in Secondary Science Classrooms: Insights from a Collaborative Partnership
Cory Forbes et al.

4. Conversations on Climate Change Pedagogies in a Central Texas Kindergarten Classroom
Fikile Nxumalo and Libby Berg

5. Teaching Climate in the Humanities Classroom: Building Institutional and Educator Capacity
Alana Siegner and Natalie Stapert

6. Climate Change Professional Development Approaches ‘MADE CLEAR’: Looking Back on one project and Looking Forward to the Future
Andrea Drewes, Melissa J. B. Rogers, and Christopher Petrone

7. Becoming a Persistent Professional Development Community for Informal Educators Addressing Climate Change: A Story from Two Perspectives
Cathlyn Davis Stylinski et al.

8. Working the Professional Organizations
Don A. Haas and Eric J. Pyle

9. Applied Social Science to Scale Climate Communications Impact
William Spitzer, John Fraser, Julie Sweetland, and John Voiklis

10. Taking Back Our Future: Empowering Youth through Climate Summits
Jen Kretser and Erin Griffin

11. Engagement for Climate Action
Nicole Barbara Rom and Kristen Lee Iverson Poppleton

12. Creative Climate Communications: Teaching from the Heart through the Arts
Patrick Chandler, Beth Osnes, and Maxwell Boykoff

13. Science Alone Will Not Save Us, Civic Engagement Might.
Peter D. Buckland, Brandi J. Robinson, and Michael E. Mann

14. Afterword: Facing the Climate Crisis with Courage
Laura Faye Tenenbaum

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Nette Pletcher

I ordered the book! Can't wait to read and share.

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