NNOCCI Logic Model and Visions of Success

NNOCCI Visions of Success

Our network aims to CHANGE the national CONVERSATION around climate change to be
communications methods, provide SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL support, and employ the LATEST climate
science findings and apply them in our institutions. We build trust and lasting bonds among
colleagues across the country to develop effective ways to engage audiences in learning about
climate and ocean change.

Overall vision of success
We have a socially & professionally connected network that feels emotionally supported in the
work they do. This network, intentionally designed as a generative governance structure, is
continually learning about framing and climate science.

Our healthy network is able to apply this knowledge in interfacing with the public, their social
networks, and in building coalitions. We provide trainings to both improve our own interpretive
practice and to increase the impact of our work by bringing new members into the network.
We will continue to innovate and develop new initiatives to increase positive outcomes for
network members and to further our mission of changing the conversation around climate change.

To learn how NNOCCI plans to achieve this success, take a look at our logic model and visions of success document attached.

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