NNOCCI Network All Member Virtual Conference

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Thursday, February 06, 2020 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm EST

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Please join us for NNOCCI's first ever All Member Virtual Conference on Thursday, February 6 from 12pm-3pm Eastern! This will be an interactive opportunity to connect with Network Members, discover colleague best practices in climate change communications, and learn updated Strategic Framing methods. This conference is open to ALL network members regardless of where they currently work and/or how they are using NNOCCI.

Please use this link to register. Please register by Monday, February 3rd by 5pm Eastern. 

In order to make the most of this opportunity and our time together, we are asking participants to look over the following documents in preparation for the conference:

Please find below a full agenda and registration information. We designed this conference so that you can attend certain sessions that are most important to you. You will have the opportunity to sign up for the specific breakout groups that you are most interested in during the registration process. We understand you might not be able to attend for the whole time, so there is an option to opt of breakout group time slots as well.


  • 12pm: Introduction & Welcome
  • 12:07pm: Membership Engagement Rubric - Ways to be involved in the NNOCCI Network.
  • 12:15pm: NNOCCI Leadership and Recruitment 
  • 12:35pm–1:05pm Breakout Groups #1
    • 1. Ask a Scientist - Science Fellows will share new science and answer questions about the science of climate change in order to help with explanatory chains.
    • 2. Learn About Current Framing Practices - Members will become familiar with the current strategic framing practices and find out where the resources are to sharpen and refresh their skills.
    • 3. Coping to Hoping - Members will discuss the social emotional challenges of talking to people about climate change.
  • 1:05pm: Break with optional Animal Yoga
  • 1:10pm–1:40pm: Breakout Groups #2
    • 1. Leading Beginner Workshops - Who, what, when, why, and how of hosting this type of workshop. Discuss barriers of leading a beginner workshop and hear from members who have led these in the past.
    • 2. Framing in Action - Members will see examples of framed conversations and will have the opportunity to practice framing skills.
    • 3. Not Your Grandmother’s CI.org - Explore updates and features to CI.org and learn how members can use this resource to support their work and the network.
  • 1:40pm: Crisis Messaging and the Greta Effect - Julie Sweetland from Frameworks will discuss crisis messaging in the media, how and when it is used, and why we are still recommending NOT to use it for our wide audiences. 
  • 2:15pm: Break with optional NNOCCI Pokie
  • 2:20pm–2:50pm: Breakout Groups #3
    • 1. New Job, Same NNOCCI - Hear from NNOCCI members who have moved from their original NNOCCI institution, and how they continue to change the conversation on climate change.
    • 2. NNOCCI: The Written Frame - Whether in signage, social media, or somewhere else, strategic framing in writing can be a challenge. Learn how others have incorporated NNOCCI in their written communications and share your experiences!
    • 3. Supporting and Leading Study Circles - Learn how you can support and facilitate a study circle! Hear from members who have worked on study circles and how they got involved.
  • 2:50pm: Closing & Thank You’s

NOTE: If you have indicated that you are participating through our Facebook event on our private alumni page, please make sure you also register through the link above!

Questions? Email [email protected]


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