NNOCCI Network Engagement Matrix - How to NNOCCI

*Updated 8/24/2020

In the course of your NNOCCI journey have you ever wondered, "Am I doing this [NNOCCI Thing] right"? While there's no one right way to be involved with NNOCCI, some of us find that as our lives and careers change and evolve, so does our relationship with NNOCCI. This is A-okay! Change (of the non-climate variety) is a good thing - but it can lead us to feel unsure of our place in the world. 

With input from NNOCCI's Governing Council, the Membership Committee has put together this simple matrix to provide clarity on how to NNOCCI. We hope that this tool will illustrate that there are so many ways to NNOCCI and we hope you see yourself and your work represented here. This matrix is by no means comprehensive and we'd love to see this list grow with your input. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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