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NNOCCI LogoThe National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) is launching a new training opportunity: The NNOCCI Crash Course! This is a 6-week, 25-hour, fee-based online course for any climate communicator interested in improving their communication skills. NNOCCI is a partnership between climate scientists and informal science educators who have public trust and large audiences, and who are dedicated to using our platforms to have productive conversations about climate action. Together with our social scientist partners, we have researched and tested the most effective communication tools that move a climate conversation to policy level solutions thinking.  We operate as a supportive community of practice using and teaching evidence-based tools to inspire hope and action. Together, we can change the national conversation around climate change to be more positive, productive and solutions-focused.  We would love for you to join our network!

In the Crash Course, participants will learn basic framing elements including why framing matters, what is NNOCCI, values, metaphors, and solutions. Participants will create a final project to demonstrate their framing skills and practice critiquing communications with the framing skill rubric. This course is ideal for those who have an interest in learning more about strategic framing but who do not have the ability to participate in a regional study circle or the interest in being a NNOCCI trainer. For more information on NNOCCI Training Offerings, visit www.climateinterpreter.org/training.

Benefits of the NNOCCI Crash Course 

  1. Gain skills to engage others on climate change. Training includes a series of online video modules, facilitated webinars, and practice assignments to provide a comprehensive introduction to strategic framing, an overview of NNOCCI tools and messaging, and access to experienced trainers to support you in crafting impactful climate messages.
  2. Accessible from anywhere. This online, 6-week, 25-hour module provides a comprehensive overview of strategic framing tools from the comfort of your home/office.
  3. Network with like-minded individuals across the country. Expand your professional network and explore the challenges, opportunities, and best practices of climate communication within a supportive community of practice.
  4. Join the NNOCCI Network. NNOCCI has built and fostered a community of practice to help scientists and science educators share best practices and challenges of communicating climate research. NNOCCI’s reach is broad, with a network of more than 440 individual members from 184 informal science learning centers across 38 states.

Course Offerings:

  • Fall Course taking place the weeks of October 11th through November 15th, 2020
  • The Summer 2020 course has ended

Course Sizes: Courses will range in size from 20 to 40 participants. For courses with 30+ participants, the cohorts may be divided into smaller groups.

Additional Program Details: The cost of the course is $249/person with additional discounts for attendees joining in groups of 5 (5%), 10 (10%) and 20 (20%) people.

How to Apply: Registration for the fall session is open now through September 18, 2020. Apply here.

Frequently Asked Questions about the NNOCCI Crash Course

When will the actual courses take place?

The Fall Crash Course will take place the weeks of October 11th to November 15th, 2020.The Summer 2020 course has ended.


Do I need to be a climate scientist or an informal educator to take the course?

No! This course is open to any climate communicator!  Previous audiences that have found our training valuable are teachers, community activists, government officials and members of the media.  We welcome everyone into our shared mission of having more productive climate conversations and moving the needle on climate action. 

What is the time committment for the course?

We estimate that the course will take about 25 hours over 6 weeks.  You can expect that each week the assignments will take you 2-3 hours to complete.  With the exception of 2 one-hour webinars (in week 2 and week 6), the assignments are entirely asynchronous - meaning that you can complete them on your own schedule.  On the application for the course we invite you to submit preferred days for the webinars, and try to build the schedule around the cohort's preferences.  The webinars will be recorded so that if they are scheduled at a time you absolutely can't join you won't miss them.  So if you only fear is not being able to make the webinar, please register anyways!

I am interested in networking with more colleagues who are doing climate education.  Will this course allow me that opportunity?

NNOCCI would not be what it is today without strong social connections amongst its network members.  We are working on building in times within the course to get to know your fellow classmates, as well as opportunities after the course ends to interact with fellow netowrk members.  As a benefit of this course, you will be an official member of the NNOCCI network granting you access to ongoing training, meet-ups, private facebook pages and other groups to help you continue to grow your connections and climate communication skills.

What if I know people who should take the course?

Awesome - we’re relying on members to spread the word! You can send them to the training page on climateinterpreter.org to find out more information about the course!

I don’t think this is something I can do this year. Will there be other opportunities like this?

Yes! We don’t have dates for 2021 yet but we are confident that there will be at least 2 sessions in 2021. Let us know about your interest by reaching out at [email protected]. This will help us choose the ideal dates for participants.

Do I need to have institutional support to be a participant?

The time commitment for instructional webinars will likely take place during the workday so it may be important for participants to have institutional support or a flexible work arrangement.

What technological requirements do participants need to meet?

Participants will need to have access to video conference technology and a reliable high speed (or high bandwidth) internet connection.

Will the instructions be live or recorded? Will Facilitators and Teaching Assistants be available at a certain time of day?

Two Crash Course instructional webinars will take place live at a set date and time, likely during the work day. These dates will be determined by the instructors, with the help of the National training committee. Otherwise, course instructors will be available on climateinterpreter.org to send instructions, provide homework feedback and respond to participant questions.

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Allison Arteaga

Hey folks, please note that the registration link for the NNOCCI summer crash course is now live! You can access it either from the "How To Apply" section of the blog post above or from the Training page of Climate Interpreter. We hope to see you there!

John Zavalney

Are links to lessons available now or not until 7/12? If so how do I access them. I've logged in to climateinterpreter.org but can't seem to get to the course. I was able to start looking at the AZA framing lessons.

Sarah-Mae Nelson, MS, CIG/CIT

Hi everyone! Registration for our Fall Crash course is now live. You can access it either from the "How To Apply" section of the blog post above or from the Training page of Climate Interpreter. We hope to see you there!

Jennifer Bucheit

I am a little confused by the payment through New England Aquarium. Do I have to register with them? Will I get an email prompt?

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