December 2011

Brief Survey Related to Communicating about Climate Change

AZA is a partner with the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI), a 2-year development project that is compatible with AZA’s strategic plan to address climate change issues over the next 5 years. We need your input on a brief survey to help NNOCCI shape plans aiming to support capacity-building throughout the AZA Informal Science Education community for effectively interpreting climate issues to public audiences.

Teen Climate Change Interpreters at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

Each spring, the National Aquarium trains high school students to serve as interpreters in our galleries, with each committing to more than 120 hours of direct public contact. Students come from around the state of Maryland and must pass an interview, five-week training course, and exam before working with the public. These teens are a particularly valuable resource for interpretation throughout the year, especially in the busy summer months.