RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities - Beside the Tide

Rising sea levels bring high tides and high waves to our shores. Extreme weather events cause our rivers to flood. It is no longer possible to halt all the impacts coming with climate change. It is time to start adapting to those changes that are now inevitable.

This is the first of six multimedia pieces telling the story of climate change and coastal communities from the perspective of local people in the San Francisco Bay Area. Wedding the immediacy of photography with the emotional intimacy of audio design, these six multimedia “webstories” provide a unique and engaging approach to environmental storytelling.

RISE: Beside the Tide from Claire Schoen on Vimeo.

To learn more about RISE, you can visit the project's website and contact the project coordinator, Claire Schoen. Please talk to Claire if you are interested in integrating media from RISE into one of your projects or exhibits.

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