Welcome to Climate Interpreter

Hi folks! Great to see more and more people creating accounts here. If you are new, let me be the first to welcome you to your new favorite website, Climate Interpreter. So great to have you here. We've yet to start marketing beyond word of mouth within the aquarium, zoo, and informal science education community, so it is encouraging to see new profiles popping up. A positive sign of things to come. My name is Scott, and I am the website and community manager here. That is me there on the right a bit below pointing at all the wonderful words typed out on this page. You can contact me at any time if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas about making this site a more enriching space.

admin photo opIf you have not already had a chance, please take a moment to surf around. There is a good baseline of resources to browse through, and for those of you who have created profiles, you can see a growing number of people with similar interests and expertise. Perhaps there is a collaborative exchange in your futures. As you check out the Community section, you will also notice that People and Partners are two different things. Partners represent organizations and institutional actors. If your institution or organization is not yet represented as a Partner (and it likely is not since we just launched!) then be sure to get in touch with us about creating a partner profile.

Climate Interpreter is a resource for all of us who have pledged to improve public understanding of climate change and take serious steps toward sustainability at our institutions and in our own lives as citizens. This website is here to provide an online community platform for climate change educators and communicators near and far. It is a space to connect and share with one another our collective experiences and insights discussing global climate change with a broad range of audiences, and the steps we are all taking to address the issue as a whole. Effectively educating the public on this issue has never been more critical. Informal science education, and particularly aquariums, zoos, science centers, national parks and marine sanctuaries, are making a significant effort to reshape the nature of the public's understanding of climate change.

To make the content and offerings of this website richer, please rate and comment on resources that stand out to you and let us know how we can continue to shape Climate Interpreter to meet your needs. There are a TON of opportunities for new features and functionality, and since this is a collaborative effort, it is up to all of us to inform what is needed to make this website the best it can be.

Stay tuned!