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Why we are involved:

Standing on shore, the ocean appears vast and never ending, a mysterious underwater world that stretches beyond the horizon. But research during the last 20 years proves that the ocean is limited and people’s actions are taking a toll. Pollution, habitat loss, over-fishing, and climate change all affect ocean health. The need to comprehend and deal with the global impacts of climate change and ocean acidification is becoming increasingly urgent. At CMA, we are committed to helping people understand the changes we can expect in the ocean due to climate change. We embrace our mission to serve as environmental stewards, to promote appreciation and conservation of the earth’s ecosystems, and to inspire solution-oriented actions among our colleagues, partner institutions, and audiences.


To create demonstrations, activities, and exhibits for our audiences that provide a deeper awareness and understanding of climate change processes and consequences.

To encourage and support personal choices that we all can make at work and at home to slow and reduce the impacts of climate change.

To collaborate with our science and education partners to communicate important environmental issues to the public by presenting the facts, explaining the science, and motivating concern and action.