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Why we are involved:

Climate change stands to undermine all other conservation efforts, and must be addressed with urgency. CBSG is joining with to invite the zoo and aquarium community to join a climate change movement that tells the world’s leaders that we need them to enact policy changes to bring climate change under control. This movement has a key message—that governments need to act to get and keep atmospheric levels of CO2 back to a “safe” 350 ppm.

One powerful component to this movement is divestment from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds. Fossil fuel companies lobby to slow government action toward climate change mitigation and work hard to keep the world dependent on their product, instead of joining us in moving toward a clean and renewable energy future. Divestment empowers zoos to challenge the fossil fuel industry to adjust their business plan to reflect a universal human effort to keep the planet intact. It sends a message to governments that zoos and aquariums are concerned with the fossil fuel business plan. It assures zoo visitors and donors that the money they donate or spend at the zoo will not be used to fund companies who actively facilitate unacceptable environmental risks to animals that they love and the planet we all depend on.

CBSG will lead this initiative through its own divestment, and invites zoos and aquariums worldwide to join the movement by participating in a variety of ways, including signing a Zoo and Aquarium Director’s Climate Commitment, participating in online and social media actions, and considering fossil fuel divestment for their institutions.

Soon we’ll have an active webpage about this movement with helpful materials to get started. In the meantime, if you have questions about the movement or divestment, please contact CBSG!