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United States
Why we are involved:

Oregon Zoo’s position on climate is that curbing greenhouse gas emissions while reducing pressures on wildlife will help species better cope with climate change.  Several of our staff have been trained through NNOCCI and will work to achieve the following conservation and education goals:


1.       Short-term: Raise awareness about the impact of climate change on wildlife species, their habitats and on human quality of life.

2.       Short-term: Encourage individuals, families and businesses to make climate-smart choices and to engage with other members of their community to advocate for reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

3.       Short term: Encourage individuals, families and businesses to take action to help wildlife cope with the effects of climate change.

4.       Long-term: Reduce zoo-wide greenhouse gas emissions 80 percent below 2008 levels by 2050.

5.       Long-term: Reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and related impacts on wildlife.