570 Ocean Blvd
Rye, NH 03870
United States
Why we are involved:

The SSC recognizes that global climate change is occurring and will use scientific evidence to educate and inform our visitors about what is driving it and how it will impact our oceans and our lives. As an institution committed to advancing public awareness of ocean health and marine and environmental science, the Center will highlight the interaction of humans, ocean and climate, and how they are all inextricably connected. By helping our visitors develop personal connections to nature and educating people about the profound impact humans have on our environment, the Center strives to inspire stewardship.
By joining forces with other marine education institutions across the country, the Center is answering a call to grow awareness and knowledge about our changing planet, and to communicate that there is a direct correlation between climate change and human activity.

  • To continue to have professional development and learning for our staff, volunteers and naturalists to grow confidence in talking about global climate change.
  • Encourage and promote sustainable practices.
  • Use regional examples to highlight or interpret environmental issues of climate change.