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United States
Why we are involved:

St. Louis Aquacenter, Inc. is a Missouri not-for-profit organization formed in November 1971 which has operated St. Louis’ Aquarium, St. Louis Children’s Aquarium and the World Aquarium since 1993 and has been serving schools since 1990. The World Aquarium’s mission is to present, promote and protect the world of water and demonstrate sustainable living solutions. Our mission is fulfilled through education, exhibits, conservation programming and research projects. The goal of the World Aquarium is to increase understanding of aquatic life and environments, to increase understanding of the importance of conserving the world of water, and to provide leadership for the preservation and sustainable use of aquatic resources. The World Aquarium conducts and supports conservation and research projects studying sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, coral ecology, and issues associated with climate change.

The mission of the World Aquarium’s Conservation for the Oceans Foundation (CFTO) is to support grassroots-level conservation, education and research projects that bring about positive changes to ecosystems worldwide through local, multi-stakeholder, actions.

World Aquarium/CFTO programs use multi-stakeholder analysis involving governmental, non-governmental and public organizations as well as local citizenry, resulting in comprehensive, sustainable actions which can contribute to the mitigation and amelioration of the problem originally discussed. We find that this approach fosters a much more harmonious buy-in by participants, thus positively affecting long-term results.