Communicating Climate

These resources are relevant for climate change communication.

The Secret to Talking Climate Change
We need to get more people talking about climate change so that our solutions are more inclusive and work for everyone.  We know that a majority of the country is concerned about climate change, and think that it's happening now, but they are scared...
Some folks in this group might be interested in this new (free) resource from Cornell on communicating climate change as educators (if you haven't already seen it).
Finally, Global Weirding is a YouTube channel featuring Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. In this space, she talks about climate issues through various lenses from the Arctic to developing countries and geoengineering to natural cycles. Dr. Hayhoe uses solid...
Advocates can make progress on polarized issues by finding new ways into engaging people in different perspectives, rather than trying to knock down the front door with a barrage of facts.
This study by the FrameWorks Institute explores expert and the UK public views of the ocean and marine conservation and “maps the gaps” between them. It includes strategic communications recommendations that environmental advocates can use to...


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