Energy Efficiency

Earth's climate depends on energy from the Sun. The Total Irradiance Monitor on NASA's Glory mission will continue measuring solar irradiance, which will contribute to the long-term climate record. Video length: 3:36 min.
One of the best ways to understand Earth's ocean is from the perspective of space. NASA’s Earth observing satellites gather data, including ocean surface temperature, surface winds, sea level, circulation, and marine life.
Oceanographer Josh Willis discusses the heat capacity of water, performs an experiment to demonstrate heat capacity using a water balloon, and describes how water's ability to store heat affects Earth's climate.
Aerosols are small particles suspended in the air. Glory's Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor instrument will help researchers understand the properties, global distribution, and chemical composition of natural and anthropogenic aerosols and clouds.
Sea level rise is an indicator that our planet is warming. When ice on land, such as mountain glaciers or the ice sheets of Greenland or Antarctica, melts, that water contributes to sea level rise.
Carbon forms living organisms, dissolves in the ocean, mixes in the atmosphere, and is stored in the crust of the planet. The ocean plays a critical role in the carbon cycle and is key to understanding Earth's changing climate. Video Length: 5:39...
In the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, 27 named storms formed. This broke many records: most hurricanes, most category 5 hurricanes, and the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic.
Phytoplankton, a tiny marine plant, makes life on Earth possible. It forms the basis of the marine food web and regulates carbon in the atmosphere. Warming waters have consequences for phytoplankton and for the planet. Video length: 5:35 min.
Energy powers all living systems and this NASA video shows how energy flows from the Sun, to the Earth, through humans, and through the technology humans use. Video length: 2:21 min.
This site hosted by the National Academies provides reliable information on energy basics.


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