A deeper understanding can change attitudes to and judgments about appropriate and accessible solutions. L earn more about gaps and holes —and discover ways to bridge them and fill them in with productive communications tools. 
This video was created by the incomparable Hannah Pickard, to share the story of NNOCCI, and the impact we've had thus far. As our message of hopeful, solutions-oriented climate communications spreads, we have developed a community of 'framing...
This is the Power Point for an 80 minute session Kathy Schulz and I presented at the National Association for Interpretation Region 9 workshop in April 2017.  We chose to focus on only the HTB metaphor and to emphasize those cultural models we thought...
This article, published on April 12, 2017 by Pacific Standard, gives a good overview of recent research published by New Knowledge Organization on the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation (NNOCCI) Project.
This 8-minute TED Talk style script gives and overview of NNOCCI and was created by Alumni Annette Brickley
This tool will help you correctly frame Solutions  as part of your climate change messages.    
This document is a detailed description of the NNOCCI #100HopefulDays Project.
This document details the information on the #100HopefulDays Project that is part of the NNOCCI Network.
This is the information about how to post to 100 Hopeful Days NNOCCI Project.
This tool will help you correctly frame climate change messages using the  Heat-trapping Blanket  tested metaphor.


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