Blue Impact Videos

We are all connected to the oceans and to the species that live in ocean ecosystems. This blue impact video series presents the challenges ocean animals face from global climate change, and how communities are working together to make a difference for the blue planet.

The introduction explains how climate change works, showing how a carbon dioxide blanket wraps around Earth, trapping heat on the surface.  Each challenge segment features a different ocean species and describes how that animal is affected by increasing temperatures. There are also action segments that highlight community level solution-oriented activities. 

These videos were developed by the New England Aquarium with Untravel Media as part of a grant from NOAA Climate Collaborative. They are available for any institution to use for educational or training purposes.

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The links below will open videos to view on YouTube.  Click here for downloadable versions of all videos.


The Challenge videos introduce climate-related challenges to ocean animals and ecosystems.

Introduction: Learn about the science of climate change

Coral Breakup – A Tragic Love Story: See how rising ocean temperatures effect corals.

Thermal Expansion – Rising Oceans: Learn how sea levels rise with ocean temperature.

Sea Jellies Take Over the Ocean Maze: Discover the science of booming jelly populations.

Shorebirds on Stage: See how changes in temperature affect shorebirds.

Sea Turtles – A Temperature Tale: Learn how rising temperatures threaten sea turtles.

Whales – Roadwork Ahead: Understand how whales’ food sources are changing.

The Action segments highlight examples of community-scale actions already underway to minimize energy use and waste, and to encourage positive social and civic policy.  The end of each video gives viewers a way to share their own stories by sharing on their favorite social network with the hashtag #blueimpact. Institutions can then monitor and collect these stories for their own use.

Swap Shop – A community recycling program saves resources and conserves energy.

Team Bike Challenge – Workplace colleagues bike to work to keep cars off the road and carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Home Energy Efficiency Team – A neighborhood group develops a system to help each other winterize their homes.

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