Climate Training Activities: Connect-It!

We all know that certain personal behaviors are good for the environment. However, the connection between these good behaviors and the ocean life we care about can be hard to follow. The goal of this activity is to help make those connections a little more concrete. For each of these behaviors, the images and text will show a connection to CO2, and therefore to climate change. However, as an educator, you can feel free to make connections to other ocean issues—it’s all connected. Participants line up panels to create comic strips that illustrate the logical connection between individual behaviors and their climate-level impacts. This activity is designed for participants aged 7 and older (younger participants may need help with reading.)

How to use these materials:

Open the Instruction Manual file. Download either the full size (4"x4") or double size panels and print them on cardstock to do the activity.

The Heat Trapping Blanket images are included in the Panel Images zip files, and are included separately for use in other activities.

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All of the activities developed by the New England Aquarium under the NOAA Climate Change Collaborative are available for free use by non-profit organizations. To aid us in future development, please tell us a bit about you and how you intend to use the activities. Click here.

Artwork for this activity was provided by Maris Wicks.

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