Climate Training Activities: Penguin Balance

Climate change is happening throughout the world. Some effects of climate change include rising sea levels, melting glaciers, more severe storms, more unpredictable weather, warming oceans and air temperatures, and an increasingly acidic ocean. All species (including humans) are affected by the climate. As the climate starts to change, the change can have a positive or negative impact on each species. This activity looks at some specific climate change events and how they affect penguins. The activity is designed for adults, families or kids ages 6 and older with their families. Younger children may enjoy adding and removing the tokens.

How to use these materials:

Start by opening the document titled ‘guide to penguin balance’ There you will find basic information, a description of all the files, and other resources you need to assemble the activities.

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All of the activities developed by the New England Aquarium under the NOAA Climate Change Collaborative are available for free use by non-profit organizations. To aid us in future development, please tell us a bit about you and how you intend to use the activities. Click here.

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