The EcoPerception Gap - Risk Perception and the Environment

What keeps us from acting on issues that threaten our very existence? It turns out that how each of us perceives risk has a lot to do with our personal values.

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gregory kolar

If you could talk a single oil company into putting mass moneys into solar energy sources they could control, then get everyone to know about this action on the oil companies part, then ask everyone to boycott all other gas stations not run by this particular oil company, everyone would be into a little further, maybe wait in line, but do so to save the planet. This kind of solution includes everyone, oil companies too and fits right into our obvious dependency on cars and electricity that is not going to change fast enough to halt global warming unless we get one oil company on board, and getting something out of the that would the planet, support a green thinking 50% solar oil company. we could keep driving until we get results in other don't buy Chevys unless they have a useable electric car..and if we could get a power company to do the same as a oil company...spend its profits 50% on solar ...and we would buy from them only...then everyone wins except the 100% oil /electric companys.


Otherwise it will take some great crisis to get action....we're having little crisises now but it will take a big one to get the solar thing in gear and really phase out gas.

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