Global Warmings Six Americas_Audience Segmentation Analysis

This report identifies “Global Warming’s Six Americas” – six unique audiences within the American public that each respond to this issue in a different way. It is based upon an extensive nationally representative survey of American adults conducted in the fall of 2008. The survey included questions about Americans’ climate change beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences and actions, including energy efficiency and conservation behavior, consumer behavior, and political behavior. The study also measured Americans’ commitments to different social values and attitudes, civic engagement, media use,
and demographic characteristics. The topline results of this research have been published in two prior reports. Using statistical methods described in the appendix, the data were analyzed and used to update and extend our previously published global warming audience segmentation research

This analysis identifies six distinct groups of American adults. These groups differ dramatically with regard to what they believe about global warming, how engaged they are with the issue, what they are doing about it, and what they would like to see the United States do about it. They also differ dramatically with regard to size: the largest segment represents 33% of the U.S. adult 
population, and the smallest only 7% (Figure 1). These six audience segments describe a spectrum of concern and action about global warming, ranging from the Alarmed (18% of the population), to the 
Concerned(33%), Cautious (19%), Disengaged (12%), Doubtful (11%) and Dismissive (7%).

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