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Green Teacher has launched a YouTube Channel.   In time, we hope this will grow into a valuable resource for educators. Among those currently posted, are those describing:
+ How Google Earth was used by high school students as part of an invasive species removal project
+ How an elementary school in a northern resource town created partnerships so that their students could explore the natural and cultural environment in their area.
+ How to build better bug houses – and pack waste free lunches.
In essence,  we’re keen to both receive short (i.e. 2-6 minute),  practical videos – edited or unedited – from teachers and other youth educators on a wide variety of topics.  Like the articles and activities we seek for Green Teacher magazine,  we’re looking for innovative green learning strategies on a wide variety of topics.  Your presentation should provide sufficient detail and enough guidance that will enable viewers to replicate the activity in their own communities.  Your video should specify early on the age group for which your learning activity or strategy is most appropriate.  For more details of what we’re looking for, check out:
Finally, if you see a short enviro-ed video that deserves a wider audience, send us a quick note about it. 
Happy spring!
Tim Grant, Editor
Green Teacher
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US mailing address:  Green Teacher, PO Box 452, Niagara Falls NY 14304
Cdn mailing address: Green Teacher, 95 Robert Street, Toronto, ON M5S 2K5
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