Help your audience be part of the solution

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Help your audience be part of the solution. Share this innovation opportunity with your audience via social media or your favorite outlet. 

Opportunity for your audience: How green is your dream?

Youth (18-26 yrs old) from across the US, Mexico, and Canada are invited to submit their innovative ideas for:

  • Reducing air emissions 
  • Reducing and diverting food waste
  • Managing and preventing the spread of invasive species
  • Managing the impact of marine litter and reducing its sources
  • Mitigating ocean acidification

Winners receive C$5,000 in seed funding and present their innovation to top environmental officials from the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Attached you will find a social media packet to help you share this news with your audience. Contact the CEC or add a comment if you have any questions or would like to more formally partner with the CEC on building public awareness about this program. 



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