Ocean Acidification Basics

This pamphlet was developed as a simple start for beginners who have no background with ocean acidification. It is primarily graphic with some text to frame the issue.

This is scientifically sound but it is not scientific in language.

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gregory kolar

Nice pamphlet. Plenty of information. clear.  But.... and even bigger problem than ocean acidification itself... is relating it to people's lives. Sounds crazy, but OA is there but no one cares unless it can be related to their own experience in a interesting and inspiring way. The best thing I got out of reading your stricitly information pamphlet about OA ( the clogged sink hinted at interpretation though)  was searching around the website and finding the topic area of Ocean Acidification  and actually seeing two successes in interpreting OA that seemed to relate information in a way that creates understanding and connection. The first site  on the list of your fine list (what a great amount of work and effort it must have taken) of information on OA was the the ACE group whose video informed and related and created interest in the topic....they are good....the ACE assembly trailer on climate change is a hint at how good they really are....farting cows, dead dinosaurs, etc. well presented information that attracts and connects to a teens experienc and it is  the very same information you provided in your pamphlet. We need more farting cows, dead dinos, and cool teenagers being teenagers (if thats your audience) in a way that connects OA to their lives (with action plans included). Besides farting cows...their was that OA video on Hermie the Hermit Crab , a bit far fetched, yes...but it would get people to think....what is causing shells to disintegrate like that....people relate to hermit crabs you know....almost as popular as starfish and farting cows....but that leaves us with the challenge....if you do it right and are creative...OA is communicable....information pamphlets like you created CAN be turned into interpretation....(I heard the word was that the Monterey aquarium failed to get people interested in OA and you sort of gave it up???? I hope not, since you have to interpret wrong to finally interpret right) If you find the right creative people like the ACE people did you can do it....but then really creative interpreters are hard to find....they are like great songwriters, or great film makers or great authors....they can't be created by a workshop...that's for sure. I hope one of those really creative interpreters uses your pamphlet. It's what we really need in the race to communicate OA to people.

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