Olympic National Park "Tides of Change" Climate Change Video

Duration: 13:57 minutes

Coastal ecologist Dr. Steve Fradkin is a National Park Service scientist who spends his days in the intertidal zone of Olympic National Park. There, a spectacular diversity of plants and animals interact to form a living, breathing ecosystem that is an especially sensitive indicator of environmental health. Climate change is beginning to take its toll on this fragile ecosystem, but as long as Steve gets a good cup of coffee, he'll be out there monitoring the changes and figuring out what we as humans can do to help.

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Sarah-Mae Nelson, MS, CIG/CIT

this is a great video and a great example of science as story. thanks for sharing!

Maria Morgan

This video does a great job of showing the fragility of an eco-system generally while also explaining some of the science behind O.Acidification and its futher impact to the same eco-system. Also, it is beautiful!


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