Visualizing Change - Training Dates

Visualize Change
And learn ways you and your team can engage audiences with topics of climate and ocean change
  • using narratives with global data visuals
  • using the best practices based on targeted social and cognitive research


You can expect to gain:

  • Four visual narratives, suitable to be used on a spherical screen (such as Science on a Sphere®, Magic Planet®, or HyperGlobe®), flat screen, or handheld tablet.
  • Theory, based on social and cognitive sciences, used to develop the visual narratives.
  • Opportunities to practice and models for training other colleagues to use these materials.
  • A toolkit to take back to your institution - including the four visual narratives, background information about the theoretical basis for each narrative, relevant climate and ocean science information and videos that illustrate each visual narrative being used by an educator.

About Visualizing Change: Training and Tools to support Informal Educators

Visualizing Change is a 3-year grant funded by NOAA’s Office of Education to help build capacity in the informal science education field to more effectively use global data sets to communicate about climate change, its impact on coastal zones and marine life and how people are working to use scientific information to shape our world.


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Julia Gregory

Is the information in this training included in the study circle material? If so, are the visuals then available without attending the training?


Thank you!

Julia Gregory

Spring 2016 A

John Anderson

Hi Julia,

Strategic Framing is at the core of Visualizing Change.  We developed the materials guided by that theory.  In that sense, it's a very good match to Study Circles.  However, the materials for this workshop are different from Study Circle materials.

If you're very interested, I can find a way to get the visuals to you along with the written materials from the toolkit developed to support their use.



Julia Gregory

I'd love to have visuals and tools for their use! Tell me how to help make this happen. And rest assured they will NOT sit on a shelf! My director and colleagues are dedicated to making climate change interpretation part of the Tennessee Aquarium's culture.

Thank you!

Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt

Are there any chances that this will be done in the Midwest anytime? I definitely don't have the travel budget to head to a coast!

Annette Brickley


We have considered this and to accommodate, are working on a webinar offering at some point.  We haven't worked out the details yet, but will post and share when we have a plan.  Thank you for asking as it's motivating to know there are requests!


Jody Einerson

I would be very interested in attending a webinar on Visualize Change.  I missed your Pacific NW training date, and don't have a budget to travel for one of these trainings.

Sarah Nuss

What are the times for this workshop?  Specifically in Baltimore.  Trying to figure out travel time and if it can be done in one day.

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