Climate Change Communication Training From

NNOCCI Crash Course

This 7-week, 25-hour, web-based course is usually offered twice per year and helps participants begin applying social science research-based Strategic Framing techniques to climate change communications. Training includes a series of online video modules, facilitated webinars, and practice assignments to provide a comprehensive introduction to Strategic Framing, an overview of NNOCCI tools and messaging, and access to experienced trainers to support you in crafting impactful climate messages. The Crash Course is ideal for communicators who want to practice with applying NNOCCI techniques to their work. Read our recent FAQs post for details.

Course Cost: $249/person. Discounts available for organizations that send multiple participants: 5% off for 5+ people, 10% off for 10+ people, 20% off for 20+ people. If cost is a barrier to participation, please reach out to Adam Ratner, NNOCCI's Training Director, at [email protected] as reduced or waived fees could be available for select participants. 

Course Offering: The weeks of September 13 to October 25, 2021 

  • Cohort A will meet virtually weekly Tuesdays from 10-11 am PT / 1-2 pm ET (registration link)
  • Cohort B will meet virtually weekly Mondays from 1-2 pm PT / 4-5 pm ET (registration link)

Note, you must apply for a specific cohort and attend the respective weekly virtual sessions for the duration of the course.

Please note, we do have limited number of spaces available, and registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis until we hit our participant capacity, so we encourage folks to apply as early as possible. 

Registrations will close on or before September 1, 2021. 


NNOCCI Introductory Presentation

This 1-2 hour in-person presenation helps participants become familiar with NNOCCI, understand why framing matters, and gain exposure to framing language. Introductory presenations are hosted throughout the year and around the country by trainers from our network, scheduled based on trainer availability. These presenations are an ideal first exposure for those interested in learning more about NNOCCI techniques.

Course cost: Free

Schedule: Check our events calendar for upcoming dates.

NNOCCI Beginner Workshop

This 4-6 hour in-person workshop helps participants explore the challenges and opportunities associated with how people in the United States think about climate change and offers an introduction to how social science research-based tools (Strategic Framing) can help communicators more effectively navigate the topic. Beginner workshops are hosted throughout the year and around the country by trainers from our network, scheduled based on trainer availability. 

Course cost: Free

Schedule: Check our events calendar for upcoming dates.

NNNOCI Study Circle

This in-depth, 4-6 month, 70-hour course includes a series of facilitated in-person meetings, online work, and practical activities intended to build all the knowledge, skills, and confidence participants need to achieve conversational fluency with Strategic Framing techniques and teach others through formal NNOCCI trainings (like Beginner Workshops, Crash Courses, and Study Circles). Course content includes a grounding in ocean and climate science as well as recommended Strategic Framing communications techniques and key social science research findings around public thinking on climate change. Study Circles are held twice per year in selected regions of the country.

Course cost: $1800/pair or $1200/individual. Study Circles are intended for pairs of participants from various institutions. We find that the dyad structure supports learning, reduces barriers to implementation and builds institutional capacity.

Schedule: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all scheduled in-person trainings have been post-poned for the timebeing. Create a profile on Climate Interpreter to receive an email update when future Study Circle trainings become available.

NNOCCI Leadership Camp

This 6-week, 40-hour course, for communicators with previous exposure to NNOCCI training, builds competencies for leadership within the network, including roles like leading a Study Circle facilitation team. Through a series of online practice assignments, facilitated webinars, and a 4-day in-person workshop, participants continue building their expertise in climate science, navigating the nuances of framing, and exploring the social and emotional aspects of both climate change interpretation and the training process itself.  Leadership Camp also offers an ‘on the ground’ focus on climate impacts and resilience strategies in the selected host region, including tours and presentations from local scientists, community members and government officials.

Schedule: The next Leadership Camp will be offered in 2021. Create a profile on Climate Interpreter to receive email updates related to the schedule.

Self-Directed Learning from Our Partners


Changing the Conversation on Climate and Ocean Change

This self-paced, free online course was created for NNOCCI by our social science research partners at FrameWorks Institute. It offers a virtual tour of the research-tested communications tools utilized and taught by NNOCCI members around the country. Check it out to get a sense for the type of work we do, then connect with us to learn more and join the movement! To access the course from their online learning platform, place it in your shopping cart, complete the check-out process, then follow the instructions you’ll receive by email from FrameWorks Academy.


BOAT Project Training Modules

This series of four self-guided online training modules was the product of a 2013 NOAA grant partnership among the National Association for Interpretation, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Florida Aquarium, and the Alaska Sealife Center. The modules were designed to help interpreters build understanding of topics like Energy and Climate Literacy, Oil and the Changing Arctic, and Ocean Acidification, as well as apply Interpretive Techniques for Challenging Topics drawn from NAI’s Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) training and early iterations of the NNOCCI network.